Invitation from the Living Universe

One of my dear friends and colleague, Duane Elgin has always been a voice for the Living Universe. A blog he wrote was recently featured in the Fuji Declaration called - Invitation from the Universe.

It has a simple and powerful message and I felt would be a nice way to seed this new blog for Module 1 -Worldview Shift.

Here is an excerpt . . .

A living universe paradigm: A self-consistent pattern of thoughts, concepts, and assumptions about the nature of reality is rapidly emerging. Simply stated, we are seeing a profound shift from a non-living view of the universe to a view that regards the universe as uniquely alive. This is not a “new” perspective as, more than two thousand years ago, Plato said that, “the universe is a single living creature that encompasses all living creatures within it.” What is new is how a living systems perspective is drawing upon insights from science to validate this emerging paradigm that regards the universe as a unified system that is sustained continuously by the flow-through of phenomenal amounts of energy and whose essential nature includes consciousness or a self-reflective capacity that enables systems at every scale of existence to exercise some freedom of choice. - See more at:

Thank-you Duane for your unwavering commitment to our Living Universe and your gentle and powerful modeling of a live lived striving for thriving within a Living Universe paradigm. - mindfully posted by Teresa Collins